My Books


Release Date
October 2013
Beware the hydra! Cut off one head, and two others spring up to take its place.

November 1963.

A time of great possibilities. A time of great change.

The world is balanced on a knife’s edge. Pulled from the brink of nuclear war, it stands poised to usher in an era of peace between the two great superpowers.

But peace is the enemy of those who profit from division. From the shadows they plot to keep humanity in conflict.

Kade has no idea what he’s become involved in. A conspiracy at the highest levels of government, humans and immortals working together. Prepared to do whatever it takes to bring their terrible future to light

51,500 words

TK Thirteen

Release Date
October 2012
Tamara Kennedy is a normal teenage girl. She has an normal life, is faced with the typical challenges, and deals with everyday problems.

That is all about to change.

Her best friend goes missing, and TK is called upon to try and find her.

A 26,000 word teen novella

Bonds Of Honour

Release Date
November 2011
Captain Jared Mason liked the fact that his home city of Elgarost was peaceful. He enjoyed a life built on routine. Quiet, disciplined and orderly. All that changed when the foreign trade delegation rolled into town.

From the moment they arrived the trouble started. Minor disagreements blossomed into larger conflicts that culminated in violence. The delegation organiser, Count Lorenzo Mantiri, is attacked, and hasn’t been heard from since.

If things weren’t hectic enough. The missing Count’s beautiful sister arrives at the Captain’s door, and he knows that his life is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

A 30,500 word novella

Forged In Blood

Release Date
July 2011
Tallow is an assassin, betrayed by his handler and captured by an enemy bent on the conquest of his brotherhood. He seeks to escape from his prison and warn his brothers of the dangers ahead.

Atilen, a thief that takes his debts far too seriously, crosses a dangerous wasteland and finds himself in the middle of a conflict that doesn’t concern him for a man he doesn’t even like.

Torture and pain will face the pair as they struggle against an ancient Empire that strives to regain its former glory.

A 14,500 word short story.

Extinction Dawn

Release Date
April 2011
A small group of commandos are trapped within the ruins of a post-apocalyptic city, with the extinction of the human race at hand. Surrounded by enemies they begin with a goal of escape but soon seek only to survive.

A 5000 woord short story.


6 thoughts on “My Books”

    1. I did publish them as eBooks. It was suprisingly simple. Much less complex than I thought it would be in the end. Look up Kindle Direct Publishing and it will guide you through it. If you know a little bit of basic HTML you can format the book yourself and upload it. If you don’t know HTML or have a freind who knows it then I would be happy to do one for you to show you what you need to do. It isn’t as hard as you might think.

    1. I do the covers myself using Photoshop. I bought some stock photos from shutterstock, there are heaps of them out there, then did a bit of tweaking in photoshop to combine them and make them look how I wanted. Added the text and there you go. Again, if you want some help then I am happy to do a cover for you based on what you are looking for. I must stress that I am not an illustrator so if you want something drawn then I am not your guy. But if you want photos put together then I can do that 🙂

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. I thought they were. But in any case they are now. 🙂 If you click on the title it will take you to the amazon page.

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