Brys v Rhulad

The following scene is take from Steven Erikson’s novel, “Midnight Tides”. It is a battle between Brys Beddict and Rhulad Sengar. The original text can be found in champter twenty-five.

    The emperor attacked. Surprisingly fast, a half-whirl of the blade high, then a broken-timed diagonal downward slash intended to meet the Champion’s sword and drive it down to the tiles.
    Brys matched the momentary hesitation and leaned back, drawing his sword round as he side-stepped to his right. Blade now resting on the top of Rhulad’s own as it flashed downward, the Champion darted the tip up to the emperor’s left forearm and sliced through a tendon near the left elbow.
    He leapt back, thrusting low as he was pulling away, to push the tip of his sword between the tendon and the kneecap of Rhulad’s left leg.
    The emperor stumbled forward, almost to the edge of the dais, then, astonishingly, righted himself to lunge in a two handed thrust.
    The mottled blade seemed to dance of its own accord, evading two distinct parries from Brys, and the Champion only managed to avoid the thrust by pushing the heavy blade away with his left hand.
    The two lower fingers spun away from that hand, even as Brys back-pedalled until he was in the centre of the space once more, this time with Rhulad between himself and the king on the throne.
    As Rhulad wheeled to face him once more, his weapon dipping low, Brys attacked.
    Leading foot lifting high, stamping down on the emperor’s wavering sword blade – not a perfect contact, but sufficient to bat it momentarily away – as he drove his point into Rhulad’s right kneecap. Slicing downward from the upper edge. Biting deep into the bone near the bottom edge. Twisting withdrawal, pulling the patella out through the cut.
    A shriek, as Rhulad’s leg shot out to the side.
    The kneecap still speared on Brys’ sword point, he darted in again as the emperor drove his own sword down and to the left in an effort to stay upright, and slashed lightly across the Edur’s right arm, just above the elbow.
    Rhulad fell back, thudded hard on the tiles, coins snapping free.
    The sword should have dropped from the Edur’s hands, yet it remained firm, within two clenched fists.
    But Rhulad could do nothing with it.


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