Ser Vardis v Bronn

This scene is taken from George R. R. Martin’s novel, “A Game of Thrones”. It is a fight between Ser Vardis and Bronn. The full text can be found midway through the novel during Catelyn’s stay at the Vale of Arynn and after the trial of Tyrion Lannister. This novel doesn’t have numbered chapters so that is as close as I can attribute it. The chapter is written from Catelyn’s point of view.

    Ser Vardis swiveled, bringing up his heavy shield. Bronn turned to face him. Their swods rang together, once, twice, a testing. The sellsword backed off a step. The knight came after, holding his shield before him. He tried a slash, but Bronn jerked back, just out of reach, and the silver blade cut only air. Bronn circled to his right. Ser Vardis turned to follow, keeping his shield between them. The knight pressed forward, placing each foot carefully on the uneven ground. The sellsword gave way, a faint smile playing over his lips. Ser Vardis attacked, slashing, but Bronn leapt away from him, hopping lightly over a low moss-covered stone. Now the sellsword circled left, away from the shield, toward the knight’s unprotected side. Ser Vardis tried a hack at his legs, but he did not have he reach. Bronn danced farther to his left. Ser Vardis turned in place.

(some exposition, and a flashback, has been snipped)

    Ser Vardis was coming hard at Bronn, driving into him with shield and sword. The sellsword scrambled backward, checking each blow, stepping lithely of rock and root, his eyes never leaving his foe. He was quicker, Catelyn saw; the knight’s silvered sword never came near to touching him, but his own ugly grey blade had hacked a notch from Ser Vardis’s shoulder plate.
    The brief flurry of fighting ended as swiftly as it had begun when Bronn sidestepped and slid behind the statue of the weeping woman. Ser Vardis lunged at where he had been, striking a spark off the pale marble of (the statue’s) thigh.

(some exposition has been snipped)

    Bronn came out ftom behind the statue hard and fast, still moving left, aiming a two-handed cut at the knight’s unshielded right side. Ser Vardis blocked, but clumsily, and the sellsword’s blade flashed upward at his head. Metal rang, and a falcon’s wing collapsed with a crunch. Ser Vardis took half a step back to brace himself, (and) raised his shield. Oak chips flew as Bronn’s sword hacked at the wooden wall. The sellsword stepped left again, away from the shield, and caught Ser Vardis across the stomach, the razor edge of the blade leaving a bright gash where it bit into the knight’s plate.
    Ser Vardis drove forward off his back foot, his own silver blade descending in a savage arc. Bronn slammed it aside and danced away. The knight crashed into the weeping woman, rocking her on her plinth. Staggered, he stepped backward, his head turning this way and that as he searched for his foe. The slit visor of his helmet narrowed his vision.
    “Behind you, Ser!” Lord Hunter shouted, too late. Bronn brought his sword down in both hands, catching Ser Vardis in the elbow of his sword arm. The thin lobstered metal that protected the joint crunched. The knight grunted, turning, wrenching his weapon up. This time Bronn stood his ground. The swords flew at each other, and their steel song filled the garden and rang off the white towers if the Eyrie.


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