Skilgannon v Boranius

The scene below is taken from David Gemmell’s novel, “White Wolf”. It is a battle between Skilgannon, the Damned and Boranius, aka Iron Mask. The original text can be read in Chapter twenty-one of that novel.

    The Swords of Blood and Fire glinted in the lantern light as the two men circled. Boranius sprang forward and their swords clashed. Time and again the music of steel rang out.
    Morcha watched them, his pain forgotten. The two warriors seemed to glide across the timbered floor, their swords creating glittering arcs of light. The fighters spun and moved, ever faster, and yet perfectly in balance. The deadly blades clanged and clashed, hissed and sang, the razor sharp steel seeking to sheathe itself in soft flesh. Back and forth across the hall the two men fought without pausing for breath.
    Both men had suffered wounds. Skilgannon was bleeding from a shallow cut to his face, Boranius had been sliced across the left bicep, the skin flapping, blood flowing. They fought on.
    Inevitably they were slowing now, and once more circling one another.
    Boranius leapt to the attack. Skilgannon parried desperately, then spun away. Boranius followed. The Sword of Blood lunged towards Skilgannon’s throat. He parried it, then blocked a cut from the Sword of Fire. Off balance now Skilgannon went down on one knee. Boranius launched a fresh assault. Skilgannon hurled himself to his right, rolled and came up, just as Boranius swung his right-hand blade in a murderous arc. The Sword of Night came up , the blade chopping through Boranius’s fingers. With a scream he fell back, the Sword of Fire dropping from his mutilated hand. Boranius backed away.
Skilgannon followed.
    Boranius screamed in pain and fury and rushed in. Skilgannon parried, leapt aside and sent a slashing cut across Boranius’s back as he blundered past. The Sword of Night sank deep, slicing Boranius’s spine. Huis legs gave way and he fell to his knees, his remaining sword slipping from his hand.


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