Decado v Padaxes

The following scene was taken from David Gemmell’s novel, “The King Beyond The Gate”. It is a battle between Decado, the Ice Killer, and Padaxes, commander of the dark templars. The original text can be found toward the end of chapter seven.

    The black sword hissed forward, to be parried instantly by the silver steel in Decado’s hand. The battle had begun. Tenaka and his warriors watched in awe as the warriors circled and struck, blades clashing and clanging.
    Time wore on and desperation became apparent in every move Padaxes made. Fear crept into his heart. Though he anticipated his opponent’s every move, such was the speed of the assault that it availed him nothing. He mind-pulsed a terror-thought but Decado laughed, for death held no terror for him. And then Padaxes knew his doom was sealed, and it irked him greatly that a mortal man could bring about his death. Launching a final savage assault, he experienced the horror of reading Decado’s mind at the last moment, seeing the riposte a fraction of a second before it was launched,
    The silver steel whiplashed his own sword aside and buried itself in his groin. He sank to the ground, his lifeboold pumping to the grass … and the souls of his men died with him.


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