Cho-Hag v Taur Urgas

The scene below is a taken from David Eddings novel “Enchanters’ End Game”. It is a fight between Cho-Hag, King of the Algars, and Taur Urgas, King of the Murgos. The original text can found midway through Chapter Seventeen.

    It was not a duel, for there were proprieties in a duel. The two kings hacked at each other with an elemental brutality, thousands of years of pent-up hatred boiling in their blood. Taur Urgas, totally mad now, sobbed and gibbered as he swung his heavy sword at his enemy. Cho-Hag, cold as ice and with an arm as fast as the flickering tongue of a snake, slid the crushing Murgo blows aside, catching them on his sliding sabre and flicking his blade like a whip, its edge biting again and again into the shoulders and face of the King of the Murgos.
    The two armies, stunned by the savagery of the encounter, recoiled and gave the mounted kings room for their deadly struggle.
    Frothing obscenities, Taur Urgas hacked insanely at the elusive form of his foe, but Cho-Hag, colder yet, feinted and parried and flicked his whistling sabre at the Murgo’s bleeding face.
    Finally, driven past what few traces of reason were left to him, Taur Urgas hurled his horse directly at Cho-Hag with a wild animal scream. Standing in his stirrups, he grasped his sword hilt in both hands, raising it like an axe to smash his enemy forever. But Cho-Hag danced his horse to one side and thrust with all his strength, even as Taur Urgas began his massive blow. With a steely rasp, his sabre ran through the Murgo’s blood-red mail and through the tensed body, to emerge dripping from his back.
    Unaware in his madness that he had just received a mortal wound, Taur Urgas raised his sword again, but the strength drained from his arms and the sword fell from his grasp. With stunned disbelief, he gaped at the sabre emerging from his chest, and a bloody froth burst from his mouth. He lifted his hands like claws as if to tear away the face of his enemy, but Cho-Hag contemptuously slapped his hands away, even as he pulled his slender, curved blade out of the Murgo’s body with a slithering whistle.
    “And so it ends, Taur Urgas,” he declared in an icy voice.
    “No!” Taur Urgas croaked, trying to pull a heavy dagger from his belt.
    Cho-Hag watched his feeble efforts coldly. Dark blood suddenly spurted from the open mouth of the Murgo King, and he toppled weakly from his saddle. Sturggling, coughing blood, Taur Urgas lurched to his feet, gurgling curses at the man who had just killed him.


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