Weekend Writing Warriors #85 – Revenant (Part 124)

Has it been a week already? Somehow it is Sunday once again and that means its time for another 8 sentences from Revenant. As always, these carry on immediately from last week so if you want to see what has come before then just follow this link.

    Red Dress entered the vault just as Ryan and Marcus completed their sweep. The surveillance cameras let them track the lone banshee’s progress as it moved through the maze of stacked shelves behind them.
    “It came in alone?” Marcus said over the communication channel. “Doesn’t seem all that smart to me.”
    “Don’t get cocky,” Ryan warned. He knew that Banshee’s liked to work in pairs. “If Red Dress is in here then The Professor won’t be far away.”
    As if to punctuate his point, a scream sounded from beyond the door and a dozen husks streamed inside.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my contribution to this week’s list, and thanks for stopping by. Click on the image below to see all the wonderful writers who are taking part in this weekly event. weekend-warriors


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