Weekend Writing Warriors #83 – Revenant (Part 122)

It’s Father’s Day in Australia today. A day when dad’s across the land can sit around the house with a beer in one hand and the footy on TV completely guilt free. This post is as close as I am going to come to doing any work so I hope you all appreciate the sacrifice I am making in sharing it with you 😉

8 more sentences from Revenant to share, and as always, these carry on immediately from last week so if you want to see what has come before then just follow this link.

    Marcus leaned back into the elevator shaft and peered up. “If that’s true then what do you have in mind.”
    Ryan thought for a moment. “The surveillance cameras in the vault are working. We won’t be totally blind in there.”
    “You’re suggesting we lure them inside, and then—”
    “—we spring our trap,” Ryan finished. “I’ve had enough of running.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed my contribution to this week’s list, and thanks for stopping by. Click on the image below to see all the wonderful writers who are taking part in this weekly event. weekend-warriors


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