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Thank you to Matthew for tagging me in this round of WordPress Tag. As a result I am to answer the following questions then send out a few tags of my own.

What are you currently working on?

For my main project I am in the throes of writing Returned, the sequel to my hugely popular novel, Hunter. Set in 1944, Kade and Leonard team up once again to kick ass on a remote island. Combining Nazis and Zombies I am really enjoying the way the story is playing out. In addition to this, I am also polishing off a couple of short stories for a sci-fi anthology that tracks the progress of a human colony on a new world.

How does your writing differ from other authors in the genre?

A very difficult question to answer, since I too choose to use words in my writing that have been taken from the lexicon of the English language. That said, I like to think that I put a bit of a sword and sorcery spin on the Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction tale. Having grown up reading Tolkien, Eddings, Feist, and Gemmell, and more recently Sanderson, Lynch, Abercrombie, and Rothfuss my background is staunchly set in the fantasy domain. My writing, on the other hand is drawn from real world events in the case of Hunter and Returned, and probable extrapolations of the future in the case of the anthology. But I like to include elements of fantasy in everything I write. Who said an accountant who works a 9-to-5 job can’t summon demons after hours? Not me, that’s for sure.

Why do you write what you do?

I think I might have partly answered that in the question above. As a reader of fantasy I love the belief that anything is possible, but as a software developer I like to think that everything has to follow certain logical rules. I am also a student of history, having a degree in History and Archaeology from Monash university, which means that I am actively engaged with the events of the past. So to answer the question, I like to reimagine what did happen and consider what might have been if the world followed slightly different rules.

How does your writing process work?

I have a wife, twin teenage daughters, a cat, and a fulltime job. I don’t get a lot of time to write. For that reason alone I am thankful for the deplorable state of public transport in Melbourne where a 25km train ride can afford me a full 40 minutes to bash out some words. I am not a plotter, I rarely know how a story will end from the outset and enjoy the process of writing because I get to find out myself what is going to happen. I read a lot and draw my energy from that, and hoping that one day it will be my books that will be flying off the shelves. But the only thing I can truly say is that consistency is key. I try and write every day, much of it is rubbish but amid the mess of words is the kernel of a story that with a great deal of revision might one day be a source of joy for someone else. To be told that something I imagined made another person happy is a feeling that I cannot describe. Put simply it’s awesome.

That’s it people. Those are the questions. Now, according to convention, I am to tag three other writers, so without any further ado I nominate the following:

Richard Leonard

Monica Enderle Pierce

Veronica Scott


2 thoughts on “WordPress Tag”

  1. Yeeha! Glad you found the time to participate. Always good to hear from fellow indies and find what inspires them. Since you like Tolkien, I must ask, how do you feel about Martin and his whole franchise?

  2. I am a big fan of The Song of Ice and Fire, both the books and the TV series. If I had to find something about it to complain about, then it would have to be the time between books. I get a feeling that he’s waiting for the TV series to end so he can figure out how to finish the book 🙂

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