Hunter now available in Paperback

Earlier this week I released Hunter, an urban fantasy / political thriller and also my very first paper and ink novel which I published via CreateSpace. I am very happy with the entire experience so far, but I have read that some people have doubts as to whether every single sale is actually being recorded correctly on the platform (see here for one example). For me its way too early to tell if there is any funny business going on, the book has only been live for a few days and its fair to say that there doesn’t appear to be a mad rush for copies at the moment 🙂 I need to begin a process of promotion and marketing now to try and generate some interest in the novel.

Writing the book is one thing, getting people to buy it is something else entirely, and if my past experience is anything to go by I am really not good at doing that.

Set in New York in 1963, about two weeks prior to the assassination of JFK, I aimed to bring a paranormal bent to the conspiracy theory surrounding the president’s death. While Hunter is not a book about JFK, it does include elements of the vast JFK mythos as part of the story. This is my first attempt at such a book, and I enjoyed the experience of writing it immensely. Add to that the fact that I learned a lot about New York and the political climate of the era.

If you like conspiracy theories, and you like the paranormal then I hope you find something in this story to interest you. Just click on the cover below and you’ll be transported to the book’s amazon page, where you can find the paperback and the kindle version.

Beware the hydra! Cut off one head, and two will rise to take its place.

November 1963.

A time of great possibilities. A time of great change.

The world is balanced on a knife’s edge. Pulled from the brink of nuclear war, it stands poised to usher in an era of peace between the two great superpowers.

But peace is the enemy of those who profit from division. From the shadows they plot to keep humanity in conflict.

Kade has no idea what he’s become involved in. A conspiracy at the highest levels of government. Humans and immortals working together. Prepared to do whatever it takes to bring their terrible future to light.


4 thoughts on “Hunter now available in Paperback”

  1. float totalSales;

    void processPurchase()
    // Take customer’s money
    // Initiate packing and shipping
    // Count the sale
    totalSales += 0.18;

    int calculateSalesFigures()
    return (int) totalSales;

    // 😉

    1. Thanks Michelle, I am looking into what might be involved in doing what you suggested. Personally I consciously avoid/ignore ads on both those services so I have some small feeling of hypocrisy if I now start using them but I can see how they might be important in getting the word out. 🙂

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