Returned – Chapter 3

Story Time

    Kade woke up in the small compartment, the vivid dream still clear in his mind, and wondered where he was. Above him, he could hear what sounded like an aircraft taking off and the memory of last night’s arrival returned. He pushed the curtain aside and awkwardly manoeuvred himself out of bed.
    “Good afternoon, Kade.”
    “Hello Leonard.” He stretched and let out a big yawn. “Afternoon? What time is it?” Despite just waking up he still felt tired.
    “Nearly three o’clock,” Dougie replied. “You’ve been asleep for almost eleven hours.”
    “It doesn’t feel like it.” Again came the buzz of aircraft engines. “What’s going on up there?”
    “The storm has passed, and Captain Ofstie has the air wing running regular patrols so we can avoid the Japanese ships.”
    “I see.”
    “You must be hungry,” Leonard said. “I’ll get you something to eat.”
    “No need for you to go, I’ll get…

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