Returned – Chapter 1

Story Time

    “Get up,” Dougie said in his usual abrupt way. “The Captain wants to see us.”
    Most people would consider Agent Douglas Kirkland – or Dougie as he liked to be called – rude, and this assessment wouldn’t be inaccurate. But in the six months that he’d known the man, Leonard had come to understand that Dougie wasn’t trying to be rude. It happened quite accidently, stemming from a complete lack of social awareness. The fact he insisted on being called Dougie only served to validate that opinion.
    Dougie just didn’t know how to deal with people, quite surprising considering half his job involved that particular task. Yet, despite that, he was Leonard’s boss, and when his boss told him to get up, Leonard did just that. Though getting up did prove to be something of a challenge right now.
    “I’ll be with you in a minute,” he said, clutching his…

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