Hunter is now a real book

Story Time

Thanks to your input, Hunter has now been made available as a complete book on Kindle with a proper paperback version coming in a few weeks via CreateSpace. The story has undergone a few changes during the editing process and it has also had an extra few pages added at the end to better round out the story. So if you are interested click on the cover image below to head over to amazon and pick up your copy.

If you enjoyed Hunter I have started sharing the prequel / sequel on this site as well. It is called Returned and the next instalment will be out in a few days. If you are interested in spending some more time with Kade please follow the link below to take you to chapter one of Returned.

Returned – Chapter 1

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5 thoughts on “Hunter is now a real book”

    1. Thanks… I am glad you like it. Yes I did do the cover myself with the help of my wife. The images were sourced from shutterstock and I used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to combine all the various elements.

    1. Thanks Matt. I think you have the honour of having purchased the very first copy 🙂 Hopefully that will be significant after it hits the NYT best sellers list 🙂

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