Weekend Writing Warriors #23 – Revenant (Part 62)

Sunday again, and we have another 8 sentences from Revenant. I’ve spent a few weeks in the corridor outside the vault, and this week is no different. For anyone waiting for them to finally get inside the damned thing I promise that will definitely happen next week. Thanks for your ongoing feedback and comments they are a great source of motivation for me.

If you want to refresh your memory about what’s happened you can simply follow this link.

    “Are you done?”
    She took a deep breath. “Yes, I think so.”
    “Good. Get behind me, move when I move, and stay close.”
    Ryan reached forward with one arm and pulled the vault door open, then raised his weapon and stepped into the room. Kassandra followed closely, still a bit flustered by her little meltdown earlier.
    Inside, the Vault was lit.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my contribution to this week’s list, and thanks for stopping by. Click on the image below to see all the wonderful writers who are taking part in this weekly event. weekend-warriors


9 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #23 – Revenant (Part 62)”

  1. I may not get here every week to comment but I manage to read every post via email. Loving this story and its truly not going fast enough for my taste. LOL I’m a bit apprehensive about the room being lit. 🙂

  2. Ooh, what do they see? Nicely done, Goran. You can make the last line stronger with describing the light inside the vault like “Bright lights glared down on the interior of the vault, broken pieces of plaster leaving stark shadows against the floor.” That gives us an idea of what they immediately see and still ramps up the tension. Just a thought. 🙂 I love this story. So glad you’re continuing it.

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