Weekend Writing Warriors #10 – Revenant (Part 49)

Hello fellow weekenders. Sunday is here again and that means another 8 sentences of Revenant. As before, this snippet follows on immediately after last week. If you want to refresh your memory about what’s happened you can simply follow this link.

    Ryan nodded, his eyes scanning the foyer one more time before he stepped into the expanse of light. “Stay close.”
    They moved swiftly across the seemingly deserted space to an elevator lobby twenty metres away. When they reached the door Ryan lowered his gun and removed a small breaching pod from the pouch at his waist. He jammed the wedge shaped device into the seam of the doors and pressed the button. There was a brief high-pitched squeal followed by a whoosh as the heavy metal doors were forced apart by opposing gravitational fields.
    “Do you want to go first?” he said, inclining his head toward the exposed elevator shaft.
    Kassandra swallowed. “Can’t we just take the stairs?”

I hope you’ve enjoyed my contribution to this week’s list, and thanks for stopping by.

Click on the image below to see all the wonderful writers who are taking part in this weekly event.


10 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #10 – Revenant (Part 49)”

  1. Love it! All that tension and, I know she didn’t mean it to be funny, but that can’t we just take the stairs was hysterical. Very Stephanie Plum. I’m really enjoying this weekly soujorn into your world.

  2. You do tension so masterfully, but Kassandra’s line breaks it with humor and elegance. I love your writing, Goran.

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