Weekend Writing Warriors #8 – Revenant (Part 47)

The last weekend in March, I can’t believe its almost April already. 2013 is just flying by. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, we have an extra long weekend in Australia with Friday and Monday being public holidays as a result of Easter – if you are celebrating this occasion then I hope you are having a great Easter Sunday. If not, then I hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday – after all every Sunday is a celebration with this list of writers to work through. 🙂

As always, this snippet follows on immediately after last week. If you want to refresh your memory about what’s happened you can simply follow this link.

    He led them across the roof to the central hub and entered a fire escape stair that descended to the ground floor of the research facility. The augmented reality display built into their helmets kicked in to compensate for the low light of the interior, and they made their way down one cautious step at a time.
    It was slow going.
    Ryan took the lead, the barrel of his weapon moving from side to side as he went, ready to deal with any husks that may be lurking in the stairwell. The zig-zag of the stairwell was the perfect place for a surprise attack, but they made it down without incident.
    They exited the stairwell into a large, high ceilinged foyer, and Ryan allowed himself to relax a little. Thick panes of glass rose from floor to ceiling letting in plenty of light, and the sparse furnishings meant there were few places where danger could hide. Still, Ryan had been at this long enough to know that looks could be deceiving.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my contribution to this week’s list, and thanks for stopping by.

Click on the image below to see all the wonderful writers who are taking part in this weekly event.


13 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #8 – Revenant (Part 47)”

  1. Oh, I like, I like! I was clenching my teeth during that trip down the stairs just waiting for something to happen. Great tension. I’m just now unclenching…lol.

  2. Happy Easter, Goran! Chilling snippet. Gulp. I found one typo “built into their helmetS” and you could remove the “thats” from “and the sparse furnishings meant that there were few places where danger could hide. Still, Ryan had been at this long enough to know that looks COULD be deceiving.” to tighten the writing. Nicely done as always. 🙂

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