Weekend Writing Warriors #3

Once again a big thank you to everyone who stopped by last week and for all those you left comments… you rock.

This week I am returning to the story of Kira and Justin who had been stolen by thugs in the employ of Talia (the blonde monster in the snippet below). Talia takes them to the person who hired her…

    “Why did you bring us here?” Kira said, her voice shrill.
    The woman straightened, tears running down her face as she looked at them. “I need you by my side.”
    “What kind of mother hires violent thugs to steal her own kids?”
    She lowered her eyes at that. “I need you both here while –”
    “That blonde monster said something about a launch. Is the station in danger? Is Dad in danger?”

Apologies for going over the sentence count, I’ll be sure it never happens again. I hope you’ve enjoyed my contribution to this week’s list, and thanks for stopping by.

Click on the image below to see all the wonderful writers who are taking part in this weekly event.


11 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #3”

  1. I bared my teeth and snarled at the thought of what she’d done with her kids. Great job, Goran. Such full emotion in those few lines. 🙂

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