Skye’s Sunday Six #1

Hello again. For those of you who have been following my blog you will know that Sunday has been reserved for the Six Sentence Sunday post, and you should all know that Six Sentence Sunday has been shut down by the organisers. Quite a number of people have taken up the torch so that the weekly ritual of surfing the net reading short snippets of an author’s work need not come to an end.

I have elected to continue the tradition of sharing my Six Sentences and have signed up at Skye Warren’s site along with almost a hundred others. You can see the list of participants by clicking on the following link:

Also, if you’ve been a following my blog, you will be aware that I’ve been sharing an ongoing story with my Six Sunday posts. Revenant, the tale of a post apocalyptic future where the earth has become a zombie wasteland and humanity survives only on a single space station orbiting their former home planet. I considered continuing to share this story here, but given we have entered a new era I decided to return to the practice of sharing snippets of some of my other work.

For anyone who is keen to see how Revenant will end, fear not. Now that I am freed from the shackles of six sentences per week I will finish the story and post it on my blog so that you can learn the fate of our heroes.

So now that I have this lengthy introduction behind me let me get to the point of today’s post. The Six Sentences…

This week’s snippet is the opening six sentences of a short story I submitted to a competition. Sadly it didn’t end up as a winning entry but I am proud of it nonetheless. The story is called Flames of Thunder and is set in the same fantasy world as my book Bonds of Honour, my short story Forged In Blood and another WIP, The Grandfather’s Blades.

Here goes…

    Arillia blinked dust from her eyes and shoved the fallen rubble aside.
    A fire burned somewhere by her feet. She could feel the heat of the flames, but thick smoke kept its light to a dim glow. She tried to sit upright and her vision swam, bringing with it a wave of nausea that threatened to empty her stomach.
    She looked at what was left of her home, trying to piece together what happened. The last thing she remembered was sitting down to eat dinner.

Thanks for reading this somewhat wordy post. Apologies for taking so long to get to the Six Sentences. I promise that next week’s six will contain less surrounding drivel.


4 thoughts on “Skye’s Sunday Six #1”

  1. Uh oh. I definitely want to know what happened after dinner. Great job, Goran. And yes, I gotta know how Revenant ends! 🙂

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