Six Sentence Sunday #62 – Revenant (Part 42)

The 13th day of the 13th year of the millennium… hopefully it is a lucky one for you, and any of the superstitious among us have come up with a way to offset any negative forces out there. But its already off to a good start because it’s Sunday and that means its Six Sunday time. 🙂

As always, this six picks up immediately following last week’s, so if you want to catch up or need a recap then just follow this link.

Here we go…

    Whatever response Ryan might have made was interrupted by the pilot’s voice over the intercom telling them the LZ was two minutes away. He checked his equipment with long practiced ease, then kneeled down to check that the doctor’s armour and helmet had been fastened securely.
    “Hand me your weapon,” he said after he’d finished adjusting an reinforced panel at the base of her skull.
    “Don’t have one,” she replied. “I’ve never fired a gun before, and I didn’t think a zombie infested building was the best place for me to start.”
    “I’d argue that it’s the perfect place.”

You can find the wonderful Six Sentence writers by clicking on the image below



6 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #62 – Revenant (Part 42)”

  1. I have to agree with Ryan on that. From what little I know of Zombies the only defenses are guns, being a faster runner than the person behind you, or having no brain for them to eat.

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