Story Time – Hunter – Chapter Nine

I rarely do this but I though that a bit of cross blog promotion would be okay (I don’t plan to make a habit of it). So I’d like to let you know that Chapter 9 of Hunter is now up on Story Time.

It’s been a little while since I’ve tinkered in that world and I must say that I have enjoyed the experience, it felt good to pick it up again and add to the story. This is an example of a story that is turning out completely differently to how I imagined it might go. More than anything else the readers votes have changed the direction this one has gone and pushed it in a trajectory that I never even considered when I started.

This is also an example of how writing broadens the mind. I have learned so much about the USA in the 1960s and I an can think of few other hobbies that promote such scholarship. I am definitely not going to claim any kind of comprehensive understanding of the location or the period but I definitely know more now because of this story.

Put simply… Writing Rocks!

Now I need to get myself ready for Six Sentence Sunday… its already Friday and those six sentences aren’t going to write themselves πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Story Time – Hunter – Chapter Nine”

      1. I do have a basic structure but it has changed several times since I started. For now I am in the lap of the gods (so to speak) with where it goes. There’s a vague end game that I am working toward to give the narrative some focus, but how I get there is rather unplanned πŸ™‚

  1. It sounds good to me. I am actually impressed with how things have gone so far. Do you find it’s better to go one step at a time or to have the whole thing planned from the start? I’m just trying to understand how writing works for different people. I usually start a story and then I get stuck and have no idea how to get things moving. Unless the story is really short, that is.

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