Six Sentence Sunday #54 – Revenant (Part 34)

This week’s six sentences is brought to you from Phillip Island, a popular summer holiday escape for Victorians roughly 120km South South East of Melbourne. Though it’s called an island (because it really is) it is possible to drive there via a bridge little more than 200m long so we’re not talking about a long ocean voyage to reach it.

I am here with some friends indulging in some nerdly pursuits such as a few sessions of D&D, the odd bout of miniatures, and copious amounts of Magic: The Gathering amid a sea of pizza and beer. This is the seventh year of Geekfest and I certainly look forward to these few days all year.

As usual, this six picks up immediately following last week’s, so if you want to catch up or need a recap then just follow this link.

Here we go…

     Kassandra’s jaw dropped, if what he said was true then her life’s work was in ruins. “How can this be?”
     “The increased bone density, greater muscle mass, auto-immune, and respiratory changes you introduced to help the colonists survive the higher gravity and exotic atmosphere of Gliese 581 g worked perfectly. Unfortunately, in 90% of cases, something in what you did also impacted their minds.
     “When the on-board computers detected the error they aborted the mission and returned to Earth, unleashing a very fast, very strong, and very resilient killing machine on an unsuspecting population.”

You can find the wonderful Six Sentence writers by clicking on the image below



7 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #54 – Revenant (Part 34)”

    1. Yes… I imagine that genocide would be a difficult burden to carry. I expect she’s hoping this is all some horrible cryogenic induced nightmare… perhaps it is… can anyone remember season 9 of Dallas? 🙂

    1. Thanks… I am glad you are enjoying it. Its surprising how it has changed from the rough sketch I planned out over a year ago… certain elements have been retained but for the most part the story is writing itself. I look forward to Six Sunday to find out myself what will happen next 🙂

  1. Good heavens. That would ruin anyone’s day. Talk about a guilt trip. I hope your own trip was guilt-free and you had a great time, Goran. 🙂

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