Six Sentence Sunday #50 – Revenant (Part 30)

Well this week is my fiftieth Six Sunday post and number thirty of Revenant. I can’t believe that I’ve been doing this for almost a year now, and so far I haven’t missed a week. Though this Sunday was a challenge. You see, as you are reading this I am torturing myself with a 100km bike ride from Sorrento to the Melbourne CBD as part of the annual “Around the bay in a day” cycling event. Wish me luck 🙂

Once again these six sentences pick up immediately following last week’s, so if you want to catch up or need a recap then just follow this link.

Here we go…

    Kassandra’s mind reeled. Her mission departed an overcrowded Earth, now only one orbital station remained from a population of almost ten billion. She struggled to ask what happened but managed little more than a faint croaking sound.
    “Don’t push yourself, Doctor.” The man took the glass of water and held the straw to her lips. “Your body needs time to recover from the cryogenic stasis, please relax, and I will explain everything.”

You can find the wonderful Six Sentence writers by clicking on the image below



9 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #50 – Revenant (Part 30)”

  1. Talk about a shocker. Poor woman. (And why are you beating yourself up like this? Don’t you know Sundays are for laziness?)

  2. Thanks to you all for your well wishes. The ride was a big success 🙂 I made the distance in about 4 hours so I was pretty happy with that. Now that this weekend is behind me my Sundays can once more be devoted to laziness which is how they should be.

  3. Congratulations on the 4 hr bike ride, Goran! I liked your six, but was a little confused with the “departed leaving” line. 🙂

    1. Thanks Siobhan… have fixed the offending line, I guess I missed tidying that up when I rewrote the scene… must have been distracted about something 🙂

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