Six Sentence Sunday #46 – Revenant (Part 26)

Phew… that was close. Thank goodness for being ahead of the UTC time curve so the list wasn’t closed and I could still sign up for this week’s Six Sunday. I had been so engaged with the various holiday activities, the beach, the pool, the Theme Parks with roller coasters, interactive displays, and animal shows that I completely forgot to register until just now. 🙂 But, here I am and the crisis has been averted.

Last week’s six had a PoV change from Ryan to the newly awakened Kassandra. Thank you, Kylie, for the advice regarding the opening I think starting with her name really does help to lock in the change.

Once again, these six sentences pick up immediately following last week’s six, so if you want to catch up or need a recap then just follow this link.

Here we go…

     Hearing returned along with her sight, and with effort she managed to turn her head slightly to take in the sights and sounds of medical equipment flashing, beeping, and humming all around her. An unfamiliar man entered as she contemplated the meaning of all this equipment. Where was she? Had something happened to the ship?
     “Welcome back, Doctor,” the man said. “I’m afraid I have some rather disturbing news.”

You can find the wonderful Six Sentence writers by clicking on the image below



7 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #46 – Revenant (Part 26)”

    1. She’s been under for more than a century, she won’t be surprised to learn how long she’d been under but she might not be ready to find out where she woke up.

  1. Glad it was useful, Goran. And I hope your lovely looking holiday is rocking on. All those food pics! Yum. Great 6 as always! Can’t wait to see what happens once the two of them get to work.

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