Six Sentence Sunday #43 – Revenant (Part 23)

It’s Father’s Day today in Australia so I am looking forward to a lavish lunch and an afternoon of relaxed indulgence as my family act on my merest whim… well a person’s allowed to dream aren’t they? 😉

For the past few weeks Ryan has been fighting his way ever closer to the cryogenic chamber supposedly housing the doctor. Today we see what will come of that.

As usual, these six sentences pick up immediately following last week’s six, so if you want to catch up or need a recap then just follow this link.

Here we go…

    The monitors above the metallic sarcophagus shone with a cool blue light that assured him of the cryo-chamber’s proper function. His pace quickened, excitement winning out over caution for the final few steps.
    The doctor’s chamber lay before him. He’d searched for so long he was almost afraid to look down, as if doing so would wake him from a cruel dream. After a deep breath he forced his gaze downward, and studied the doctor’s supine form.
    He’d found her.

You can find the wonderful Six Sentence writers by clicking on the image below



8 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #43 – Revenant (Part 23)”

  1. With all the tension you so effectively establish each week, I half-expected the doctor not to be there. Now I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for what’s next. Great six as usual, Goran.

  2. OMG, finally! Uhhh, now what? Love that second of relief, but why do I still feel tense? What’s coming up behind him? *bites nails* (Oh, never mind. It’s just one of your minions. ;D Happy Father’s Day!)

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