Six Sentence Sunday #39 – Revenant (Part 19)

It’s Sunday, the day reserved for sharing another six sentences with the world. Ryan is edging closing to cryo-chamber 207 and the all important Doctor Evans. He’s been through a lot already but it seems that the universe isn’t done throwing roadblocks in his way.

These six sentences pick up immediately following last week’s six, so if you want to catch up or need a recap then just follow this link.

Here we go…

    About a third of the delicate medical devices had been compromised, their reinforced glass lids smashed when the husks forced their way free. That meant there were forty of their once human occupants now loose on the ship.
    Two of those approached him now, one from the left and one from the right.
    Still moving forward, Ryan spun to his left, sending a short burst of plasma into the creature’s flesh. The second one lunged, but he skipped away before stilling it with another burst from his gun.
    Twenty paces, left; half-way there.

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11 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #39 – Revenant (Part 19)”

    1. Thanks Kylie. I really appreciate your comments every week. It is so satisfying to know that you are enjoying the story. With regards to your question I do have an outline in mind but I am purposely not writing ahead of the six sentences so I’m not sure how big it will become or what I might do with it when it’s done. A lot of challenges are still ahead for our hero… getting to the Doctor is just the start of his problems.

  1. Gotta agree with everyone else, Goran. The tension in this story is delicious. (And knowing there are 40 husks had me wanting to go back for a body count. 40?!)

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