Six Sentence Sunday #38 – Revenant (Part 18)

Has it been a week already? Sunday is upon us and the next Six Sentences of Ryan’s stress filled exploration of the Derelict Colony Ship – The Francis Drake – continues.

These six sentences pick up immediately following last week’s six, so if you want to catch up or need a recap then just follow this link.

Here it is…

    Just forty paces, separated Ryan from his goal. Rows of cylindrical cryo-chambers lined the walls, stacked five levels high to his left and right, like coffins in some ancient mausoleum.
    A husk leapt from a platform above him.
    Ryan raised his gun, aimed, and fired, vaporizing the mindless creature before it hit the ground.
    Ten paces down, thirty to go.

You can find the wonderfully talented and endlessly supportive Six Sentence writers by clicking on the image below



5 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #38 – Revenant (Part 18)”

  1. I’m on the proverbial “pins and needles!” Rooting for Ryan like a goofy teenaged cheerleader. Go. Ryan. Go. Fab Six!!!

  2. This is gonna be an uphill battle for Ryan *and* us. Yes! Masterful tension in this series, Goran.

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