Six Sentence Sunday #36 – Revenant (Part 16)

I’ve almost managed to get back on top of things, so I will count last week as a success even though there still a few remaining items to catch up on. I hope all of you had a great week and you can sit back and enjoy the six sentences the gang have put up for your entertainment, because that’s exactly what I am planning to do… unfinished tasks be damned. 🙂

As always, this scene picks up immediately following last week’s six sentences, so if you want to catch up or need a recap then just follow this link.

Here it is…

    With the ship now fully under his control, Ryan hoped to avoid most potential threats as he made his way forward. Leaving engineering, he passed through the hold with its extensive supply of machinery and equipment, some of which would be worth a fortune in this post-earth economy. For all the mechanical wonders stored here, the Francis Drake’s true value would be decided in the cryogenics section.
    Ryan was forced to exit the hold via a maintenance shaft, when sensors reported movement in the corridor ahead. He crawled through the narrow passage for almost the entire length of the ship, until he emerged at the computer and communications core. Only one door separated him from his destination, and confirmation of the doctor’s potential.

You can find the wonderfully talented and endlessly supportive Six Sentence writers by clicking on the image below



12 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #36 – Revenant (Part 16)”

  1. Ah, I missed Ryan’s story last week. Just got caught up. Love the detail about gravity pulling his armour down. And you’ve got me anticipating the discovery beyond that door, right along with him. I hope, hope, hope the doctor’s not among the skulking husks he left back in the hall.

  2. Scary and tense! I loved the sensors were picking up movement, because now I gotta know who or “what” is around the ship. Nice action!

  3. Oh, man, he made it to the door and you STOPPED THERE?! Lol. Great six and nice cliffhanger, Goran. 🙂

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