Six Sentence Sunday #34 – Revenant (Part 14)

After four weeks of action this one will come as a (welcome?) change of pace. The Husks have been defeated and our hero must do some admin while he waits for the ship to finish powering up. Even in the future, and in space, it seems that paperwork remains a constant. 🙂

This scene picks up immediately following last week’s six sentences, so if you want to catch up or need a recap then just follow this link.

And now, onto the story…

    With this latest threat dealt with, Ryan turned his attention to the progress of the restart. Diagnostic readouts showed that the reactor had finally reached operating temperature, and core systems would soon come online. Barring any failures, he would have complete command of all ship systems in less than five minutes.
    He spent the intervening time verifying the identity of the husks. Once again, none of them were the doctor, which meant that his mission on the Drake remained viable. Ryan knew it was far too early for hope, there was still plenty that could go wrong, but he allowed himself a moment to reflect on the possibility.

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15 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #34 – Revenant (Part 14)”

    1. Thank you. Once the ship is under his command he’ll be able to move much faster. If things go his way she shouldn’t be far away… but then again, things might not go smoothly 😉

  1. Great job in this scene keeping an undercurrent of suspense even as Ryan is at least for now free to turn his attention back to the ship and his mission. I’m anxious to know what happens if and when he finds the doctor. Great six, Goran!

    1. I do wonder that myself. I am avoiding writing this story more than a week at a time because I am trying to keep it fresh when posting it. 🙂 I am very thankfull for your continued visits.

  2. I don’t know why, but when I read that Ryan was verifying the identity of the husks, I GOT NERVOUS! LIke, um… something is about, or might happen. (I’ve watched way too many horror movies). LOL Good six!!

  3. Ah yes, a good fantasy will carry you along when there’s no reality to deflate it. Great characterization of Ryan. I really like how he’s developing just a little at a time, Goran. 🙂

  4. It’s a perfectly timed breather, Goran. But we haven’t forgotten the danger faced and, I’m sure, sitting on the horizon. I’m loving this story.

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