Six Sentence Sunday #29 – Revenant (Part 9)

The ninth installment of my Zombies-in-Space Six Sunday Serial. This one finds Ryan in a very awkward position.

As always, this scene picks up immediately following last week’s six sentences, so if you want to catch up or need a recap then just follow this link.

Onto the story…

    Ryan lowered his weapon to approach the control console. Normally, three people would be needed to restart the reactor but, either through good fortune or good design, it was possible for him to reach both the ignition switches and his cerebral interface could input the commands. Unfortunately it required him to be pressed against the reinforced glass of the display with his arms fully extended.
    He’d never felt so exposed.
    His implants interfaced with the Drake’s computer, and he mentally entered the restart codes while his outstretched hands maintained contact with the switches. Until the ignition sequence is accepted he was entirely at the mercy of fate, and she was ever the fickle mistress.

You can find the wonderfully talented and endlessly supportive Six Sentence writers by clicking on the image below



23 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #29 – Revenant (Part 9)”

  1. And presumably he had to put his weapon down to do that and is now stuck in that position with a limited field of view. Nasty position to be in for him, great theatre for us 😀

  2. Wonderful reading! I clicked the link and read the earlier posts. Great tension. Well timed introduction of back story–not too much, but enough to add to the story. I don’t intentionally read zombie stories, but this one–the “husks”… nice touch. It doesn’t feel like a zombie story 😉 Do you have a publishing date?

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words, I’m glad you liked it. This story is being put together 6 sentences at a time so its a very long way from being finished. As for a publication date that is a dream that I am yet to have come true. One day perhaps 🙂

  3. Jesus! This is getting good! Something is so going to go wrong with this ignition sequence. I feel it. I blame the fickle mistress. Always the fickle mistress. 😉

  4. Nice! Not sure how I’ve missed your blog before — I’ll be checking previous installments, thank you very much! =D

  5. Man, I feel exposed right along with him. My back is itching between my shoulder blades for him. Great six, Goran.

  6. Oh, hell, I just know something’s sneaking up behind him. Great tension in this, Goran. I’m loving this story!

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