Story Time Covers

Aside from my Six Sentence Sunday submissions I haven’t written here much in the last couple of weeks and I decided to remedy that with the reason for my absence. I’ve been working with Jaz Effect Design to put together some covers for two stories that I am writing for the Story Time site.

The images were sourced from Shutterstock and the layout was done by Jodie, the very talented designer (who in the spirit of full disclosure is also my wife) from Jaz Effect.

I am pretty happy with the way they’ve turned out and I think that they convey the mood of the story quite well. I’ve often said that a story isn’t truly complete without an awesome cover and now I have two that are just itching to be used.

I’d love to hear what you think.


10 thoughts on “Story Time Covers”

  1. I agree, both the designer is extremely talented and these covers certainly convey mood and inspire interest. A cover can indeed initiate and provoke interest, where a title alone may not give a potential reader insight and context of the story within. A title alone gives a mere glimpse of where the journey inside may take the reader, but a picture as we know, says a thousand words.

      1. Thanks 🙂

        Its a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but depending upon what you’ve got in mind photoshop should get it done. Illustrator was only used because there were vector images used as well as pictures.

  2. They look great, Goran. Wonderful images and typography choice. The only thing I’d suggest is to make your author name (your brand) more prominent on the cover. When the images are in thumbnail size they will be very hard to read. Best of luck with them.

    1. Thanks for the feedback I will look at making my name bigger. I remember when David Eddings first released the Belgariad the original covers had the book title with a small author name and in future releases the author name got bigger and bigger until it was huge. In fact I think there’s a blog post in there somewhere… thanks for the idea 🙂

      1. People (myself included) looked for David Eddings next book, not so much by the title or series name. :o) If you increase the size now, you won’t have to revise the cover later.

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