Six Sentence Sunday #26 – Revenant (Part 6)

Has it been a week already? Below is my sixth instalment of my Six Sunday Serial, Revenant. A Sixth Serial Six for Six Sunday… whew, that’s a lot of S’s 🙂

As always, this scene picks up immediately following last week’s six sentences, so if you want to catch up or need a recap then just follow this link.

Without any further ado …

    He stepped to the side and let his attacker’s momentum carry it past him, then finished it quickly with a tight burst into the husk’s back. Without pause, he flung the rifle away and spun around, releasing the monofilament blade built into his gauntlet. His arm whipped around, neatly decapitating the fourth as it loomed over him.
    As quickly as it began, the fight was over.
    Four of the Drake’s once human crew had been stilled. It was important for him to avoid thinking he’d killed them for, in truth, these unfortunates were dead the moment the infection took them.

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19 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #26 – Revenant (Part 6)”

  1. I do not want to mess with this guy! Lots of movement, keeps me reading. And, your last sentence about they were already dead — NICE!

  2. Terrific action. Love how ready he was for that. And your last line tells us so much about his character. Loving this, Goran!

  3. Whipcord fast, baby! Love the little detail about the monofilament. Probably I’m typing that wrong 😉

  4. This makes me want to read one of your novels. I don’t have kindle. Not interested. Checked amazon. Are you in print? Even checked the library (American). Not there.

    1. That is an amazing thing to read. Thank you so much. At this stage I haven’t yet made the leap from e-books to print but this is definitely something that I would dearly love to do with my next manuscripts. If you are interested in reading more then I do have some short pieces under the Vignette’s heading above. Plus the Story Time site has two current serial novels running. A teen spy story called TJ Thirteen and a paranormal story called Hunter.

      You can find them at

      Print is definitely something I plan to do I just haven’t made the leap as yet. But I really appreciate your interest in my work.

      1. I’ve not used it, Goran, but I have several self-pubbed friends who have and liked the results. (I plan to use it for Girl Under Glass print copies later this summer.) Cost information is here: (look under distribution and royalties for a pricing calculator). I believe they take a royalty for books distributed through Amazon (including Europe) and charge a $25 fee (plus royalty) for expanded distribution into other channels.

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