Story Time Needs You

I am toying with an idea. It’s not a new idea by any means, in fact this idea has been around since at least the 1800s so it’s certainly an idea that is steeped in history. The idea combines the connectivity of the web, the ideal platform to allow writers and their audience to connect and interact, with the age-old concept of the serial story.

Serial Novels have been published by the likes of Charles Dickens, Gustave Flaubert, Leo Tolstoy, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Orson Scott Card, just to name a few. It might be an idea that has fallen somewhat out of fashion for mainstream publishing but the internet is the perfect medium for delivering content and engaging with those people who have read the work.

The site I have put together is called Story Time. If you click on the title it will take you to there. There are two stories available on there at the moment but I am hoping to have many more.

That’s where you come in.

If you are dabbling with a new genre or you simply have an idea that’s been kicking around in your head but haven’t been able to formulate why not consider Story Time as the avenue to get it out there. The concept is simple. You write a chapter then at the end give the readers a choice about what happens next. The questions could be simple; should Neo take the red pill or the blue pill? Or world changing; should Frodo toss the ring into the lava?

I see Story Time as a way of building a rapport with your audience which is extremely important, and giving you as a writer an insight into how to plot a story with feedback and guidance from the very people you wish to entertain.

Some of you may have read about the recent furor over the ending of Mass Effect 3 or the changes proposed to TMNT canon. These two events resulted in a huge outpouring of emotion from fans which should tell all of us that our audience is more than just a passive consumer. They are engaged, invested and seek to be involved. Story Time attempts to make that possible.

This post sounds like enough of an advertising spiel, and that’s not really what my blog is about, so before I disappoint anyone I will stop here.

If you’re interested in being a part of Story Time (and you are all welcome) then please let me know. I think it might be fun. 🙂


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