Six Sentence Sunday #23 – Revenant (Part 3)

This is the third installment of my Six Sunday Serial, Revenant. As before, this scene picks up immediately following last week’s six sentences. If you want to see the story so far please follow this link.

    He set his excitement aside and reviewed the ship’s log. The Francis Drake was a sleeper ship, one of nineteen such ships, launched one hundred and seven years ago with the dream of taking humanity to the stars. Designed to function autonomously, the ships set out from Earth to the Gilese system, with enough equipment and supplies to start a new life for their cryogenically preserved cargo.
    Sadly, the dream became a nightmare.
    As with all nineteen ships, the Francis Drake turned back toward Earth when the computer detected genetic anomalies in several of the colonists. What began as a bold step toward colonising another world, resulted in the loss of Earth and the near extinction of the human race.

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14 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #23 – Revenant (Part 3)”

  1. Great six, Goran. Just one typo I noticed. You said the Francis Drake was one of nineteen ships and then said later “as with all 19 other ships, the FD turned back…” I’m really enjoying this tale. 🙂

  2. With just six lines per week I am struggling with the balance between exposition and action. I just hope the pace isn’t going to be too slow to maintain interest. I want to get to the nightmare as well believe me 🙂

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