Six Sentence Sunday #21 – Revenant (Part 1)

For something a bit different (well a bit different for me, at least) I am going to embark on what I am referring to as a Six Sunday Serial. Each week I will post six sentences from a story that will develop as the weeks progress. Today’s six sentences are the opening lines of the series and each subsequent week more text will be added.

So without any further ado, I give you Revenant – A Six Sunday Serial

    The buzz of servo motors vibrated through the floor while docking clamps established a seal on the airlock. A slight crackle in his ear told him his ship was now linked with the computer on the floating hulk, century old protections being no match for modern counter-measures. Core system diagnostic information appeared in his visor, confirming that communications, navigation, engines, and environmental controls were all offline. Thankfully structural integrity remained at 100 per cent despite the extensive battle damage marring the dreadnought’s hull. He ignored the remainder of the data and ordered a search through the derelict ship’s crew manifest. The results appeared instantly, listing over a hundred crew, with one particular name, Doctor Kassandra Evans, flashing red in his display.

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5 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #21 – Revenant (Part 1)”

  1. A Six Sunday Serial–now, that is a novel idea. A really good, novel idea. I’m so glad you shared it. Revenant is remarkable from the name to the content itself. I can’t wait to get more of this story–the wording is detailed, precise and careful. Love it.

  2. Whoa! That’s a great beginning, Goran, and an entirely intriguing notion of a dreadnought floating derelict in space. Well done. Looking forward to reading more.

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