Six Sentence Sunday #17

This six is taken from my 5,000 word short story, “Extinction Dawn,” which is available on kindle from amazon. This was the first story that I ever published and was done primarily as a way for me to see how the entire kindle self publishing process worked. I also hired an artist to do the cover, it’s my favourite one I think he did an awesome job.

If you’re interested in reading the entire piece just click on the cover image and it will take you to the amazon site.

    “We can’t wait any longer, if we’re going to get out of this damned ruin alive we need to move now. Daniels, prep Schulman for travel.”
The squad medic just finished injecting his injured comrade with a potent mix of painkillers and stimulants when Andrews returned, alone.
    “Vitali’s dead, Sir,” he said.
    “He had an—” Andrews stiffened and fell forward, a long metal shaft protruding from his back.

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5 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #17”

  1. Wow, did not see that coming. I definitely want to know how Vitali died, but what got Andrews? Or rather, who? On the other hand, you’re definitely right about your cover–it is awesome.

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