Six Sentence Sunday #16

Well here we are again and this week I think I’ll return to including dialog. I didn’t enjoy my last week’s effort as much as others. Well this snippet is from an as yet untitled WIP and includes two characters that I’ve never shared with you before. I hope you like it.

She sprinted the remaining distance and threw herself into the watch-house just as a nearby building exploded in a plume of flames and flying debris.
    “Glad you’re alive, Sergeant,” a familiar voice said.
    Arillia stood up, her cracked ribs made her grimace as she came to attention. “You too, Sir.”
    Lieutenant Sanders, commander of the dockside night watch, looked her up and down. “You look like the arse end of a rabid pack mule.”

I really hated breaking this snippet here, but rules are rules 😉 Does anyone care to take a stab at what her response might be?

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3 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #16”

  1. Her reply? ‘Only the best for you, sir.’ Love the casual tone in the face of chaos just outside the door; says a lot about these characters.

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