Six Sentence Sunday #14

This six is taken from my 14,500 word short story, “Forged in Blood,” which is available on kindle from amazon. This scene takes place at the Purple Haze, an establishment akin to an opium den, where Atilen sabotaged his friend’s pipe while he was in a stupor a few hours earlier. Bran did not wake up happy.

If you’re interested in reading the entire piece just click on the cover image and it will take you to the amazon site.

“I’m awake, stop shaking me,” Atilen said, as he pushed the dwarf’s hands away.
“Good.” Bran drew back his arm and slapped Atilen firmly across the face.
“What was that for?”
“You know exactly what it was for,” Bran said accusingly. “You blew out my pipe and now I’m awake in this cesspool.”

You can find more Six Sentence writers here.


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