Six Sentence Sunday #12

Another six taken from my current WIP “The Grandfather’s Blades”. Given the feedback from last week I thought I’d share the creepy undertaker’s creepy plan.

“I will soon have an army of zombies at my command.”
Realisation dawned. “You mean…”
“Yes, each of these rooms holds up to a dozen animated corpses.”
“You’re mad! Nobody can control that many undead, you’ll kill thousands of innocent people.”

You can find more Six Sentence writers here.


7 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #12”

  1. I like the way the “Realization dawned” line plays out. A simple but cool way to show the progression of the conversation. Oh, and by the way, love your header. Takes me back to when I read paper books (versus) digital with maps in the beginning.

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