Six Sentence Sunday #11

Another six taken from my current WIP “The Grandfather’s Blades”. I’ve returned to Tara for this installment. I hope you like it.

    “Thank you for indulging me.”
    Tara’s jaw tightened as she entered the stone building. “I trust this indulgence stems more from actual need than a desire to be dramatic, Czarik.”
    The undertaker let out a series of quick gasps, then licked his lips as he bared his teeth.
    Is he laughing? Tara wasn’t sure what to make of his response.
    “I may be accused of perhaps the merest hint of melodrama, but let me assure you, what I am about to show you requires the utmost discretion.”

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10 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #11”

  1. Nice suspense. Like the undertaker’s “apology” that he may be guilty of a “hint of melodrama” and Tara’s understated and sarcastic reaction to being summoned.

  2. Czarik is indeed a creepy dude. I think next week I’ll do another six from later on in that chapter so you can see what he wanted to show her. 🙂 Thanks everyone for your comments.

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