The Grandfather’s Blades: The Characters

Over the past few weeks, through a series of character building posts, I have slowly been introducing you to the four main characters in the story. Craven, Keldirk, Azaeth and Creighton. In truth this first novel features Craven and Keldirk moe than the others but the four of them will be the main protagonists in the overall story arc.

The links below are some short story pieces that I wrote to help me get to know each of them better. They are the back story for the character, focusing on their childhood and how they came to be members of “The Family”


A Mother’s Love


Blood of the Father


It’s A Cruel World


The Price of Poverty

Now with the main characters fleshed out and a synopsis that has stopped dramatically changing every week or so I can concentrate on the job of actually writing the book.

I don’t know how some authors can deliver several books in a year, this particular story has been a work in progress for over a year now. I’ve set myself a target of about 100k words and I think I’ve written almost half a million words to find myself with about 40k that I am happy with. So there’s still a long way to go before it’s in a position to be rejected by publishing houses.

Still I am enjoying the process, and I am learning a lot as I chip away at the story and building the world. I can’t underestimate the value of having maps drawn, being able to simply sit and stare at a picture of the world has been a great source of inspiration as well as a way to focus my thoughts.

So enough writing about writing for now. Its time to get back to the writing. 🙂


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