Six Sentence Sunday #10

Another six taken from my current WIP “The Grandfather’s Blades”. This time featuring two more of the main characters. Creighton, the lovable oaf, and Azareth, the scholarly wizard. A little cliche I know, but they are evolving so hopefully their final incarnations won’t be so stereotypical.

The sight of so many people in one place was a little disconcerting for Creighton, as was the smell. Even weeks of being cooped up in a small ship with two dozen other people hadn’t prepared him for the stench of urban life.
    “Hey, Az, how many people do you reckon live here?”
    “How many times must I tell you?” Azareth said. “My name is Azareth, not Az, Buddy, Chum, Pal or any of the other endearing appellations you have called me.”
    “At least once more I expect,” Creighton said with a wink.

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8 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #10”

  1. I can see that these two are gonna be fun. Creighton’s wicked, little sense of humor will be the bane of Az’s existence for many pages.

  2. Thanks for your comments, I really look forward to Sunday its fun sharing these snippets with you all. Creighton is going to be a fun character to write I think. My aim is for the way he and Azareth interact to combine frustration with genuine concern. Creighton might become something of a mother hen to an unwilling chick 🙂

    I am nearing the stage in the story where these disparate groups finally meet one another. That should also be entertaining as Keldirk and Azareth will not get along. That could make for some choice candidates for future Six Sunday snippets.

    Until next time, thanks again and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

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