Character Building – Creighton

Creighton is the fourth and final major character in my story. In many ways Creighton was the most difficult of the four characters for me to understand but he was also the easiest one to envision. I knew exactly how he looked and acted but I had no idea how he could have ended up like that.

The story I have written for his background combines several different threads and draws partly on the history developed for him in the original face-to-face RPG.

Here it is: Creighton – It’s A Cruel World

In many ways Creighton is your stereotypical Dungeons & Dragons fighter. Big, strong, and not very smart. The only particularly unusual thing about Creighton was that his character had a low comeliness score. This meant that he was ugly, this aspect of his character has been retained.

The rest seemed a little be too much like Conan the Barbarian and therefore needed to be tweaked or he would risk sounding like a cliche. So the goal was to try and make Creighton unique in some way.

The direction I chose was to make him smarter. He won’t be book smart, or world wise since his life experiences wouldn’t allow that but he would be intelligent. Able to reason his way through a problem, has opinions about things that he is knowledgable about, that kind of smart.

His ugliness could actually be an asset to this type of personality. His friendships would be based on something more than mere physical attractiveness. People would need to get beyond his appearance to get to know him and once they do they would see what kind of person he really is.

This might be a difficult character to get right but I think it would add some uniqueness to him that will hopefully make him stand out from the cookie cutter brutes out there.

Well, that Creighton. If you have some thoughts I’d love to hear them.


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