Six Sentence Sunday #6

Like last week, this six is taken from The Grandfather’s Blades, my current WIP.

The Emperor chuckled. “Oh Althea you have a gift for understatement. Little feud indeed. He murdered my children, injured me, and brought this Empire to its knees. I’ve spent the last five hundred years trying to get things back to how they once were.”
“To be fair, Nekrath, you did kill his children too.”

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11 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #6”

  1. I see they don’t believe in doing anything half-way. Tit for tat can be unfortunate for anyone even slightly related to these guys!

  2. Great dialog and insight into the psychology and modus operandi of people, warriors and leaders in times long past. Also love your blog header. Reminds me of the opening page of one of my favorite books, The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova.

  3. Thank you to everyone who commented. I am really appreciative of the encouragement and kind words. I hope I can back this one up with something good next week. 🙂

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