Book Reviews

I have read a LOT of books in my life.

There were those that I loved, those that I liked, and those that I only finished out of a sense of morbid curiosity. It’s fair to say that my tastes have changed over the years but fantasy has always stayed close to my heart.

Admitedly my reading time has reduced now that I no longer have an hour long commute to work, but I still find it relaxing and enjoy reading.

I struggled with the idea of doing book reviews here. I mean I am trying to establish myself as a writer. What business do I have passing judgement on a published author’s work? I run the risk of alienating my potential readers if I praise something others don’t like, or lambast something others love.

It seems like the best thing I could do would be to avoid the concept altogether.

Reading a lot doesn’t necessarily give me any form of credibility, or qualificiation to judge the work of others. The only thing that I am an expert on is knowing what my feelings are with respect to a book. Nobody is more qualified to express those than I am.

So I believe that I will do a review or two on here. With the understanding that they are just my opinion, subjective and entirely unscientific.


One thought on “Book Reviews”

  1. Book reviews are a tricky thing. I like writing them, but it can cause problems occassionally for the reasons you listed (minus the fact I’m not an author yet). Some people disagree, others love my reviews and rely on them. It always makes me feel good when people give me a helpful vote on Amazon or leave a comment as it means that my opinion aided someone in their buying decision. You will never be able to please everyone with your opinions, but there are people who will appreciate your words.

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