The Lands of the Inner Sea

For me the cornerstone of any fantasy book is the world map. Its almost the first thing that I look at when I pick up a book and is certainly something that I personally reference often as I am reading the book. In my opinion a map is essential to my engagement with the places described in the story.

Given the value I place on a map when reading books authored by others I couldn’t allow my own books to be devoid of a map so I started trying to draw one. I quickly found that my cartography skills are somewhat lacking (read practically non-existant). If I wanted my world to be taken seriously then I needed to ensure it had a serious map.

Thus armed with a newfound understanding of my limitations I engaged the services of Kevin Smith (if you click on his name it will take you to his DeviantArt gallery). He did a fantastic job of taking my concept and producing something that I can proudly publish. Here it is below. I am sure you will agree, it looks really good.


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