Bonds of Honour – Book Trailer

I stepped away from the WIP to let it breathe and decided to do something else. Since I already had the cover I thought I’d try my hand at a book trailer.

Thanks to an awesome blog post by The Mistress of the Dark Path I was armed with an idea, some stock footage, and some music and what you see below is the result.

I used Techsmith’s Camtasia to put it together. I really enjoyed making it and searching around for stock footage was quite fun. It was hard to find things that were appropriate to the genre and if your book is set in modern times or in a real place you can get some pretty amazing clips for not very much money.

The clips themselves came from Shutterstock Footage. I chose them over Pond 5 because I found that both had the same videos available but at Shutterstock I could get lower resolution clips for less while Pond 5 had only one resolution and therefore only one price.

I hope you like what I’ve done. It is my first foray down the Book Trailer path and I think it turned out pretty well.

I’d love to hear your feedback.


4 thoughts on “Bonds of Honour – Book Trailer”

    1. It sure did help. Thanks for the feedback, I have seen quite a few trailers now and I have already had some thoughts on how the next one might be done better. Still I really enjoyed making this and like anything – it takes practice. Can’t expect to be Steven Spielberg or Ridley Scott from the get go 🙂

  1. Not bad. It’s maybe a touch too long… I found myself starting to lose interest. Also, did you give the ending away?? Not knowing the storyline, I wasn’t sure, but for sure you don’t want to!

    I’m doing a Book Trailer workshop this month on Savvy Authors if you’re interested in checking it out.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I took your comments on board and made a shorter version (which is now embedded above). I think I was having so much fun making it I got a little carried away with it and it was too long. And no I didn’t give the ending away (but I can see why you may think that – so I changed it) 🙂

      The original is still available here:

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