Oh no you didn’t

About six weeks ago I was in the local supermarket doing some grocery shopping, a task which I would happily pay someone to do for me, when I passed by the “book section”. I don’t know if your supermarket has a similar thing but mine has a few shelves devoted to the sale of romance novellas. At the time I remember looking at the collection of books thinking about just how many of these had been written over the years.

When you think of Barbara Cartland who up until her death had published over 700 books and, according to wikipedia, she still holds the record for the most novels in a single year. She once wrote and published 23 novels in one year – that is about 1 book every 2 weeks. Then consider publishers like Mills & Boon and Harlequin which have been publishing romance books since 1908 and realised that there must be thousands of these books out there.

My mind boggled.

Soon after my musing at the supermarket I woke up with a idea for a story that simply would not go away. It’s always good to have a ready collection of story ideas so I wrote down the outline, then chose a setting in my world and gave names to the characters and before I knew what hit me I had a synopsis. I was pretty happy with myself since I hadn’t done a synopsis before and I found writing one before you write the story to be far less challenging than doing it after.

It didn’t stop there, though. Now that the characters had names and a home I wanted to find out more about them and the writing began.

I’ve been madly tapping away at the keyboard and have just finished my first draft… of a romance novel. Well I’m not sure novel is the right word since its only around 30,000 words but the romance part surprised me.

The first draft done, I like to dabble with cover concepts before launching into the arduous revision phase and I wanted to share what I have with you all. So here it is, my newly minted cover for a story I never imagined would exist last month.

I am not 100% sold on the title yet but it’s growing on me. The picture is a combination of two images which I put together using photoshop, the couple were originally standing on a beach 🙂 I find that having a cover idea in mind helps me get a feel for the story. It guides the revision process and keeps me in line.


3 thoughts on “Oh no you didn’t”

  1. Good for you in writing a short romance. Well, novella actually. Sounds like you really have something good going to be so inspired. I was hoping to see the synopsis you wrote, but am glad to at least see the cover (which looks great by the way). I actually did a book trailer for my WIP even though it isn’t even half way done yet. It was just nice to see my characters come to life in the video and gave me some focus. I also wrote the synopsis before beginning the story. It does seem easier that way. You are right there!

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I’d be happy to send you the synopsis if you like. 🙂

      I have always wanted to do a book trailer so maybe after I’ll give that a bash after I finish the second draft.

      With the trailer did you film any scenes or was it more of a photo montage interspersed with words and atmospheric music? Where do you get the music? Where did you get the pictures? Where do you get the actors? I have so many questions 🙂

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