It’s Not Easy Being Mean

It may not be comedic genius but it’s done.

My submission for the Fantasy Faction September Writing Challenge has now been posted and I must say it was challenging indeed.

I know that we need to push beyond our comfort zone in order to improve as writers and I certainly found this challenge to be very uncomfortable. So based on that I must have improved significantly… 🙂 But methinks it doesn’t quite work that way. Still writing is writing and time spent writing is time well spent.

In any case even if it’s not going to have hordes of people falling from the chairs with laughter I hope it is at least slightly entertaining. I’d love it if you would go there and check it out and if you did like it come back in a couple of weeks and vote for it.

So until the next time… stay safe everyone.


One thought on “It’s Not Easy Being Mean”

  1. I’m not so sure about the comfort zone thing. I think there are some things you can learn from stretching yourself, but it really does depend on the issue. I don’t like writing short stories, but they do help me to learn to be more concise. but is there any more value to be added by writing flashfiction? Or what about twitter fiction? There is a limit I think. Kind of like cameras and TVs. There comes a point where you really can’t see that the picture is any better. At least, I can’t. Maybe YOU can 😉

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