Comedic Authors – My Hat Is Off To You

As some of you may already know the Fantasy Faction site has a monthly writing competition and this month’s theme involves humour. In previous months this competition has attracted anywhere from 10 – 20 entries from numerous site members and has been a fun way to share some flash fiction with the world. A lot of the entries are submitted before the end of the first week but there is a steady stream of new entries throughout the month.

But we are now almost 3 weeks into September and there is just one entry.

Evidently being funny is hard.

I am working on something that I hope to post there before the month is out but I must say it is not coming very easily and that probably suggests that it won’t be very funny. The trick with comedy (so I’m told) is timing and it can’t seem forced, so for those authors out there who can write an entire novel peppered with funny moments and nuggets of mirth you have my respect.

If you are such an author and you happen to be reading this post please share any tips in the comments section – I clearly need a LOT of help.


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