I Must Be Crazy

I have just over 4 weeks to get myself fit enough to ride a bicycle 210km (132 miles) in one day. Now this is not something that has come as a surprise to me this is something that I booked and paid for over 4 months ago but have been ignoring ever since the cash disappeared from my bank account.

“Why would anyone choose to do something like this?” I hear you ask.

Well the simple fact of the matter is – it seemed like a good idea at the time, and it’s for a good cause. The ride itself is a yearly event and is quite popular with the cycling community in Melbourne. It exists to raise money to support disadvantaged children and their families.

If you want to read more then please visit The Official Event Website

So now all I have to do is A) retire to my secret lab and come up with a pill which will grant me mad riding skills or B) spend quite a few hours actually on my bike out in the real world. Given my limited knowledge of chemistry and low stock levels in my secret lab plan B is looking like the more beneficial option.

I just hope that mother nature has a kind heart. Please make the cold, rainy and windy winter days go away and please dial up a good number of warm windless days between now and the day after the event. Don’t punish me for my apathy, I beg you.

Failing that does anyone have access to a secret lab where they can design a pill to grant me mad riding skills? Let me know via the comments section below 🙂


2 thoughts on “I Must Be Crazy”

  1. The first question I must ask is how much bicycling have you done in the past? A friend of mine actually does a lot of competitions, though hers are more extreme. In one case I was her support for a 24-hour race she did. Basically, she rode laps through some very rugged terrain in the Mojave desert. The one who completed the most laps won (you could take breaks to eat, rest, etc). Keep in mind this also meant riding around on narrow, steep trails in the dark once night fell. Even with her riding an $8000 bike, it still took some damage when she fell, requiring minor repairs. Of course, your race will not be quite that crazy.

    Back when I was in better shape, I used to ride my bike along a trail that followed the California coast. It was paved for bikes and runners. The most I did was 25 miles though. Even that caused some stiffness and pain in my rear. No idea what going five times that distance would do to you! My recomendation is to definitely start training now. Start at eight to ten miles and increase the distance every couple days. Despite the cool weather, make sure you have a camelbak or large bottle of water with you while riding. For extra motivation, set up an iPod or MP3 player with a good playlist of songs that motivate you. Play that while riding if you are in a safe area to do so. You’re going to need it! Also, stretch before and after excercise. Otherwise you risk harming yourself before even getting to the race.

    Hope this advice helps. I have no idea how experienced you are and you may know all this, but thought to contribute it just in case. Best of luck and provide updates. I’ll be curious to see how your doing!

    1. The furthest I have ridden in one session is 150 km (94 miles) but I have previously been much more dilligent in my cycling – commuting the 25 km (16 miles) to or from work 3 times a week. That routine has been broken for a long while now and I need to get back to it and also add some weekend riding between now and the big day.

      Water and music are an absolute must. I will definitely be putting together a playlist of motivational themes – can’t ride for that long without appropriate tunes 🙂

      Thankfully the ride is entirely in daylight hours – start at 6:00am and hopefully be finished by 6:00pm and it’s on major roads so visibility is not an issue.

      Thanks for the feedback and I’ll keep you posted on my progress – and my pain 🙂

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